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It's here!

2010-05-15 09:31:43 by Silver-Link

Hey all,

Good News! 4-Swords Misadventures 7 is out and live on Newgrounds!

As Always, thanks to Hadoken_dude for putting it all together. This was a 17month project in the making (partly do to my lateness with lines haha) but I think it all turned out really well in the end. I hope you all enjoy it!

Quick update

2009-09-22 14:30:24 by Silver-Link

Looks liek the next FSM is over halfway done now! Start getting excited people heh.

Quick update

Four Swords Misadventures

2009-08-21 19:07:07 by Silver-Link

Alrighty, first post on here!
Good News Everyone! Just finished some lines for the next FSM... Hopefully won't be long now... hope you all like it!

As it's my First "New Post" or blog essencially, I thought i'd give you all the 30-second primer on Me.

Hi! I'm Martin, AKA SilverLink, AKA Blue Link is FSM. I do the voice for him in the series! Feel free to drop my a line anytime.

Basically I'm 23, going back to college (for the second time) and studying Telecommunications Technology (basically computer networking).
I play guitar, sing, and study Krav Maga (to give you the base idea, it's a martial art... the closest thing to a signal martial art batman would have learned and also the only REAL martial art referenced under the Gun-fu wiki. Gun-fu was the martial art used in the equilibrium movie).
Um, not much more to say. I'm a gamer, also play WoW (Alliance on Skullcrusher).

That's the 30-second version! feel free to leave a comment, shoot me an email/msn/pm/whatever. I'm easy going, will respond to everyone pretty well :)